The Retirement Living Code of Conduct (the Code) is a commitment to high standards and ensuring that residents have the experience they deserve.

The Code gives retirement community owners and operators a set of standards, so every resident’s experience is a good one. Operators are accountable to residents to maintain high standards across best business operations and community experiences.

When you’re looking for the village you can really trust, just ask “Are you a Code village?”, or keep an eye out for the official Code Seal.

If you’d like to find the Code Signatory village that’s nearest to you, click here.

The Code of Conduct locks villages into helping your retirement by:

  1. Promoting and protecting the interests of residents, current and future,
  2. Implementing consistently high standards from moving into, living in and leaving a village,
  3. Providing clarity and transparency, particularly with sales contracts and ongoing obligations,
  4. Generating leadership that improves industry standards
  5. Assuring diversity and choice in retirement villages… with complete trust.

Download a copy of our flyer here.

Download a free copy of the Code of Conduct here.

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The CRP undertakes independent oversight, monitoring and review of the Code, its content and matters referred to it by the Code Administrator.

The Panel is an independent body, comprising an Independent Chair, two (2) members and three (3) Alternates. The Panel members all have experience in dispute resolution. The members are:

Independent ChairDr Elizabeth Lanyon
Operator Representative

Jenny Clancy

Resident Representative

Judy Mayfield

Operator Alternate

Anthony Heald

Operator Alternate

Nathan Broad

Resident Alternate

Craig Bennett

The Code Review Panel each year puts together an annual report to demonstrate and record the progress of the Retirement Living Code of Conduct:

The Panel recently completed a Code Guidance to assist operators and residents gain a greater understanding of how the Panel has interpreted certain sections of the Code. A copy of the guidance document is available here.


The Code Administrator handles the administration of the Code on behalf of the Peak bodies. The Administrator will manage the Code Register, website and portal as well as the Complaints and Breach Registers. The Administrator will report on Code related matters and complaints and refer matters to the CRP as required.

Code AdministratorMegan Hobson

For more information on the Code, please contact the Code Administrator. If you believe a community registered under the Code is not meeting its Code obligations you can lodge a complaint.

If you are an operator who wants to sign up to the Code, register here.

If you are an operator who wants to sign up to the Provisional Code, register here.


Retirement communities that have registered for the Code and made the commitment to high standards in retirement living are listed here or can be identified using our search tool below to find Code Compliant retirement villages located near you.